TWELVE: Dreaming.


For this collaboration post, I asked my friend, Cameron who just loves to doodle. I explained the whole deal to him and we brainstormed for ideas. We settled with the “motoring pleasure” idea and extend that to the vision of ‘Volkswagen brings joy.’ Blank

The blank picture and then I drew and color the whole thing.





I couldn’t decide which one that I like better, the full abstract one or the one with the cloud. I feel like the full one is just an explosion of life’s pleasure, but the cloud one is a symbolic personification of the car. So I just post both!

The idea here is to focus attention on the “motoring pleasure” aspect. Volkswagen makes you so happy, it’s indescribable and abstract, kind of like dreaming. The kind of happy that only you can achieve and it’s different for everyone.

Smallpools – Dreaming


ELEVEN: Life in technicolor.


Saturday morning, I woke up quite early to work on Project 54. Browsing the internet, trying to find any creative ideas for my next post.

Oddly enough, all of my roommates were up as well and were talking about wanting to do something fun but had no idea what to do. I listened (not really) to their conversation and mumbled every once in awhile, while still browsing for ideas, up until Greg asked me what I was doing. I told him I was doing my 54 project (they knew exactly what it was.)

One time, we were just walking to get food and I got excited because I saw a Volkswagen car and started taking pictures of the car and stuff. They were initially weirded out but now they are being very supportive by randomly sending me a picture of a Volkswagen whenever they see one.

Anyway, they asked me if I needed help and I said, “Hmm.. Maybe.”

4 hours and a Chipotle later, we finished this! Enjoy!

This is my way of showing the Volkswagen’s uniqueness and it’s innovative design. There’s always a Volkswagen for you. Whatever your personality is.

Coldplay – Life in Technicolor

TEN: Starfriends on earth.


Collaboration time!

For my first collaboration post I decided to ask my Art major, Nami to collaborate with me. After I explained to her what the goal of Project 54 is, she said, “I really don’t know how to emphasize the brand without showing the brand. So what if we showcase brands from A-Z and highlight the brand VW?”

I was like, “Yeah! Let’s do that!”

And after several brainstorming session, we came up with this!


Brands 2

Notice that we make everything in black and white and slightly smaller than the VW brand? That’s how we want to showcase the brand better than the other brands.

They are the brands that we think they excel in their own category. You might wonder why we have Google and Yahoo, or Apple and Nokia. We think they have their own superiority against the competing brands.

Hope y’all enjoy!

Stepdad – Starfriends on Earth

NINE: Take me out.


I went to Virginia Beach this past weekend to visit my friend. I documented most of the Volkswagens I’ve seen along the way. (I wish I could’ve talked to the owners and talk about the brand, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to do that.) But anyway, here you go!






I am trying to highlight the different model and the variability of Volkswagen. This, I think, will emphasize the ‘inovativeness’ (it’s a word I swear!) aspect of Volkswagen. One of Volkswagen strongest elements.

Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out

EIGHT: Don’t stop (color on the walls).


Ahh… Another day outside my comfort zone. Fun.

So I spent my afternoon just walking around trying to find a Volkswagen car. Once I found them, I was like “Now what? The owner is not here, I can’t talk to them.” On top of that, it will take me a while to be able to reach the them and we have to set up a meeting and all the fun stuff.

Then, I was thinking “Wow these cars look very different from the one that people drove back in the 70s and 80s but still the design is considered ‘innovative’. Then it just hit me.

“I should compare it side by side. Same model. Different year. It’s still innovative and it emphasizes the enduring value of Volkswagen!”

 So, here you go!


Volkswagen Beetle 1938.


Volkswagen Jetta 1979.


Volkswagen Passat 1973.


Volkswagen Polo 1970.

RabbitVolkswagen Golf 1974.

Same model. Years apart.
It gives you some kind of nostalgic feeling. Something that other brands can not provide.

Foster The People – Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)

SEVEN: A little past midnight.


A continuation of my last post. Several people shared their “night out” stories that happened in their car. Here they are!

“Do you have any stories or experience that you could share?”

“Yeah so for my 22nd birthday, I took Chloe…”


“Yeah it’s my car’s name.”

“Nice! I like it!”

“So  anyway, for my 22nd birthday, my best friends and I went down to Myrtle Beach for the weekend and we took Chloe. On our way back from the beach, my one friend had alcohol poisoning and he was sitting in the back of the car and he was like throwing up. We were on 95 and he was just throwing up outside the window majority of the time that we were on our way home. It was my birthday and he got more drunk than I did!”


 “So what’s your story?”

“I got my FIRST and ONLY speeding ticket in it! Umm.. there aren’t really any crazy stories though.”

“Haha. That’s great! Can you elaborate a little bit more?”

“Okay I was out with friends. I didn’t even want to go out, but they broke into my house to make me go! And I did not regret that decision at all because I did have one of the best nights of my life. So, my friends were singing out loud and just being silly and stuff… But anyway, we were driving to the mall, and this guy in a big truck was playing games, going under the speed limit but wouldn’t let me pass, so when I had an opening I tried to pass him, he started speeding up so I sped up! I ended up getting caught by a cop. I had to pay a fine and go to court and everything. It sucked… Don’t speed! But now, I can tell you that I’ve had a ticket!”


I decided to split post number six and seven because I feel like the two posts have different theme and mood. This one emphasize the adventurous side between you, your friends, and your car. Great times are waiting and it starts with you.
As Danny Kaye once said, “Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”

Gap Dream – A Little Past Midnight

SIX: I turn my camera on.


Getting out of my comfort zone.

My second day out of my comfort zone, I decided to leave a note on random stranger’s Volkswagen and hoped that they would respond to me. I want them to talk to me and share their personal stories or any funny experience they might have in relation with their Volkswagen.

Random note

Several people responded and here are their stories:

“When I first learned how to ride stick, my mom would drive with me and she would start driving the car and showed me how to do it and then she would pull off to the side and let me take over and I would start going. Well we did this kind of thing on the way to the very first football game of my senior year and when I was learning the stick on that, there was this very, very slight hill at the edge of the football stadium. So basically, it’s really hard to go uphill sometimes if you’re at a complete stop in a manual vehicle, at least when you’re first starting because you’re not used to it. And basically, I stalled out. There were probably three or four cars behind me at the time, so after I stalled out, I like froze off and you start panicking and you can’t get the car to get back on again, and that happened probably six or seven times. Eventually, there were probably thirty cars behind me by the end of it. Keep in mind this is the very edge of the football stadium so everyone was there and a cop came over and was like, ‘Did your car break down or something?’ and I said, ‘..No… It just broke.’ (laughing) I was like, ‘I can’t do it’, so my mom ended up getting out and having to move the car. Oh God, that was funny.”


Daniel, proud owner of a 2001 Volkswagen (a.k.a ‘Crazy Bitch’)

“Okay so umm.. I had just gotten my car and I was showing it to my best friend after school. She had just gotten out of track practice and we were messing around and I showed her this glow in the dark bar I had on the roof of my trunk. I didn’t know what it was for but she said it was for opening the trunk from the inside. So she wanted to test it out since no one else had it in their car and so she crawled into my trunk and I shut the lid. I could hear her talking to me through the trunk and she was trying to pull open the latch but the trunk wasn’t releasing. After like a minute or so we just gave up and I opened the trunk from the back seat since she really wanted to crawl out of the car. After she got out we looked at the handle and we realized that she didn’t pull it out all the way and that’s why it didn’t work, but after that we never used the handle again. Like ever.”


Courtney, owner of ‘Lightning’ (a ’05 white Volkswagen Passat)

In the end, your car creates memories that can only be shared with you, one experience at a time.

Spoon – I Turn My Camera On