ONE: The start of something.


We have to start somewhere, right?

In order for me to understand this brand better (and the project), I’ve decided to learn the origin of the word Volkswagen.

It turns out the word ‘Volkswagen‘ means “people’s car” in German (Volks means people and Wagen means car).

I found it entertaining as this brand literally makes the car for the people. There’s a Volkswagen for everyone, because Volkswagen is for the people. Volkswagen is for the hippies. Volkswagen is for the hipsters. Volkswagen is for the vegans. Volkswagen is for the meat-lovers. Volkswagen is for the moms. Volkswagen is for the young professionals. Volkswagen is for the coffee-addict.

Volkswagen is for you.

This post took me a while to submit, as I kept as a draft for a good few days. I just wanted to add and edit stuff whenever I want. But as the deadline approaches, I realized I haven’t added any new information to this post. So, here goes nothing!

Also, I will name the title of each post with a song title that somewhat relevant to or summarize the content of my posts (I promise you I have a cool playlist!)

Attached is the list of ideas that I created while I make this post, hoping one of these ideas will be useful for post number two, three, four and so on.

List of Ideas

Voxtrot – The Start of Something


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