FOUR: Call it what you want.


Inspired by UN Women‘s ad series that reveals widespread sexism, I decided to let Google autocomplete my search suggestion by typing “Volkswagen is….”

Google search

I have to say that I was quite happy with the result. Although 4 out of 5 search suggestions were factual based search, one of the suggestions was “Volkswagen is the best”. As far as I know, in order for these results reach the top search, it had to be clicked a few (maybe million?) times. This means, a couple million of internet-users have searched for ‘Volkswagen is the best’ and think (and feel) the same way.

Foster The People –  Call It What You Want


One thought on “FOUR: Call it what you want.

  1. Genaldri, Google is a great tool, For Project 54, refrain from going to Google. We’re looking for your good ideas — ideas that nobody else would think of. From the looks of some of your other posts, you have some great ideas. Exploration for Project 54 should be fun, original, and wherever you’d like to take it. Follow that directive and explore the brand.
    Keep up the good ideas. You have them.


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