SIX: I turn my camera on.


Getting out of my comfort zone.

My second day out of my comfort zone, I decided to leave a note on random stranger’s Volkswagen and hoped that they would respond to me. I want them to talk to me and share their personal stories or any funny experience they might have in relation with their Volkswagen.

Random note

Several people responded and here are their stories:

“When I first learned how to ride stick, my mom would drive with me and she would start driving the car and showed me how to do it and then she would pull off to the side and let me take over and I would start going. Well we did this kind of thing on the way to the very first football game of my senior year and when I was learning the stick on that, there was this very, very slight hill at the edge of the football stadium. So basically, it’s really hard to go uphill sometimes if you’re at a complete stop in a manual vehicle, at least when you’re first starting because you’re not used to it. And basically, I stalled out. There were probably three or four cars behind me at the time, so after I stalled out, I like froze off and you start panicking and you can’t get the car to get back on again, and that happened probably six or seven times. Eventually, there were probably thirty cars behind me by the end of it. Keep in mind this is the very edge of the football stadium so everyone was there and a cop came over and was like, ‘Did your car break down or something?’ and I said, ‘..No… It just broke.’ (laughing) I was like, ‘I can’t do it’, so my mom ended up getting out and having to move the car. Oh God, that was funny.”


Daniel, proud owner of a 2001 Volkswagen (a.k.a ‘Crazy Bitch’)

“Okay so umm.. I had just gotten my car and I was showing it to my best friend after school. She had just gotten out of track practice and we were messing around and I showed her this glow in the dark bar I had on the roof of my trunk. I didn’t know what it was for but she said it was for opening the trunk from the inside. So she wanted to test it out since no one else had it in their car and so she crawled into my trunk and I shut the lid. I could hear her talking to me through the trunk and she was trying to pull open the latch but the trunk wasn’t releasing. After like a minute or so we just gave up and I opened the trunk from the back seat since she really wanted to crawl out of the car. After she got out we looked at the handle and we realized that she didn’t pull it out all the way and that’s why it didn’t work, but after that we never used the handle again. Like ever.”


Courtney, owner of ‘Lightning’ (a ’05 white Volkswagen Passat)

In the end, your car creates memories that can only be shared with you, one experience at a time.

Spoon – I Turn My Camera On


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