ELEVEN: Life in technicolor.


Saturday morning, I woke up quite early to work on Project 54. Browsing the internet, trying to find any creative ideas for my next post.

Oddly enough, all of my roommates were up as well and were talking about wanting to do something fun but had no idea what to do. I listened (not really) to their conversation and mumbled every once in awhile, while still browsing for ideas, up until Greg asked me what I was doing. I told him I was doing my 54 project (they knew exactly what it was.)

One time, we were just walking to get food and I got excited because I saw a Volkswagen car and started taking pictures of the car and stuff. They were initially weirded out but now they are being very supportive by randomly sending me a picture of a Volkswagen whenever they see one.

Anyway, they asked me if I needed help and I said, “Hmm.. Maybe.”

4 hours and a Chipotle later, we finished this! Enjoy!

This is my way of showing the Volkswagen’s uniqueness and it’s innovative design. There’s always a Volkswagen for you. Whatever your personality is.

Coldplay – Life in Technicolor


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