TWELVE: Dreaming.


For this collaboration post, I asked my friend, Cameron who just loves to doodle. I explained the whole deal to him and we brainstormed for ideas. We settled with the “motoring pleasure” idea and extend that to the vision of ‘Volkswagen brings joy.’ Blank

The blank picture and then I drew and color the whole thing.





I couldn’t decide which one that I like better, the full abstract one or the one with the cloud. I feel like the full one is just an explosion of life’s pleasure, but the cloud one is a symbolic personification of the car. So I just post both!

The idea here is to focus attention on the “motoring pleasure” aspect. Volkswagen makes you so happy, it’s indescribable and abstract, kind of like dreaming. The kind of happy that only you can achieve and it’s different for everyone.

Smallpools – Dreaming


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