NINETEEN: I won’t let you down.


One of the things that I really like from Volkswagen is they never try to sell you their cars. They have a very warm approach; kind of like a friend, who’s there to support you. Like a friend who will provide you with whatever you need but never aggressive. He’s like that one best friend who makes you smile and will cheer you up whenever you’re feeling down.

Unlike Ferrari or Lamborghini who know exactly their value and take pride of it, Volkswagen is definitely aware of their high value, but instead being prideful, they are being humble – yet assertive – relating to ordinary people.

This is the same feeling I get whenever I see OK Go’s music video. It makes your heart warm simply by showing their genuinity and passion.

They evolved from this…

The band, also known for their innovative music videos was formed in 1998 and still producing music in 2014 (so you can say they have some kind of historical significance or another form of worth that is expected to last well into the future, a.k.a enduring value.) The fact that their music and video is enjoyable is something else that is noteworthy.

…to this….

The vocalist, Damian Kulash said that the band had not produced the YouTube videos as part of any overt “Machiavellian” marketing campaign.

…to their latest music video here.

“In neither case did we think, ‘A-ha, this will get people to buy our records.’ It has always been our position that the reason you wind up in a rock band is you want to make stuff. You want to do creative things for a living.” (Just like my view on Volskwagen!)

This is another exploration of my mind-mapping branch. In one of the branches, I write how Volkswagen is ‘lustrous’. Here, the word ‘lustrous’ could be defined literally as in literal shine or metaphorically as how the brand (or the band) shines with positivity.

P.S. These videos sparked some wild ideas for my (possible future) posts. I am not promising anything like these, but I would definitely apply their art and creative to this project!

OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down


EIGHTEEN: Free ride.


I was watching this one particular episode of How I Met Your Mother (hands down the second best sitcom of all time), The Chain of Screaming. In the episode, Ted receives a bonus from work and buys a new car. The gang raise their eyebrows and argue “who needs a car in New York City?”

I began to wonder, if the story were set in Los Angeles (or any place that is necessary for them to drive) and each characters have a Volkswagen, what would their car be? Let’s take a look, shall we.

Ted Mosby

The glue that holds the gang together. He is your typical hopeless romantic protagonist. His personality is depicted as very determined and emotionally ‘open’. His character value independent thinking, counter-culture, liberalistic politics and appreciates modern art and denotes the style, philosophy and intelligence produced during that era.

I think if he were to drive a Volkswagen, he would drive a Golf GTI. The car’s constant innovation matches his personality well. It’s very neat looking and has a clean-cut design. The car is his way of communicating, “Hey, I’m versatilely contemporary!”

Robin Scherbatsky

A rational and confident woman. She is career-driven and values the freedom from outside control. She is smart and analytical. She knows her worth and value and she demands things around her to be the same way. 

Her Volkswagen would be a Beetle Convertible. She enjoys being an independent woman and the top-down Beetle provides exactly that. She will always have her top folded down as a symbolization of her opposition of depending on another’s authority.

Barney Stinson

Barney is very well-connected and is the most affluent member of the group. He is depicted as a metrosexual male. He has the character trait of adventurous and spontaneous. If he were in college, he would be your typical class-clown. He is also an extreme opportunist, has the tendency of being competitive, and immensely worldly. He is proud and stubborn; often seen to stand by his words no matter what.

Volkswagen Type 2 and Passat CC. Being the most affluent member of the group, he has the ability to channel both his serious and adventurous side. He was initially dared by the gang to buy a red-colored Volkswagen Type 2, something that clearly does not align with his usual professional look, but BROdie (the name he gave the Type 2) eventually grew on him.

Lily Aldrin

Her ideal self would be the exact opposite of Barney. She is the voice of reason of the gang, exceptionally caring and nurturing. She sees the best in each and every person and extraordinarily optimistic. She values her family and friends more than anything.

The perfect Volkswagen for her would be Jetta SportWagen. It is quite spacious that she would be able to store her cleaning supply. It is rather sizable that she would be able to drive people around, as she likes being particular and everything has to be in her way and if she were to have children, she’d be set because it is very ample. I imagine her being a soccer mom, readily provides her children with whatever they might need.

Marshall Eriksen

A persistent environmentalist and a man of principle. His appearance is the the antithetical to his personality. Despite his rather tall and big figure, he is tremendously sensitive, gentle and caring. His character is often portrayed as idealistically naïve and sweet, yet wise and just. If he could be described in one word only, the word would be ‘ethical.’

Always dreamed to be an Environmental Lawyer, the ideal car for Marshall would be e-Golf. His eco-conscious guilt of polluting the earth would be relieved as he would drive a car that requires no gas stations and produces no tailpipe emissions.

The Edgar Winter Group – Free Ride

SEVENTEEN: Long train runnin’.


Still mind-mapping! Still another exploration of my thought!

So I’ve decided to challenge myself a little bit today. I limit myself to 7 minutes of thinking and write a word based on the last letter of the previous word.



It was not bad at all and my brain had a little exercise here and there. Anyway, I touched up the result and it looked like this now! Literally, a train of my thought.

ThreeYou might think some of the words are irrelevant. Like, what is this guy thinking? A little bit of explaining here.

Circadian? Sure, I know the technical definition of the word, but what I’m trying to say here is Volkswagen is very integral to our everyday lives it has become our nature.
Natural? It’s something that you don’t have to force into your live. It’s just the way it is (like Volkswagen).
Omniscient? I feel like the maker of Volkswagen is some kind of omniscient guru, therefore, innovative design, therefore, enduring value.
Lustrous? Dude, have you seen the car? Like, really it’s all so shiny and bright!

Basically, I kept thinking about Volkswagen and the words that I wrote down are the words that I would use to describe Volkswagen (the company, the brand, and the car).

The Doobie Brothers – Long Train Runnin’

SIXTEEN: Moving forward.


This week’s directive was mind mapping. I’ve been trying to put together my train of thoughts, the branch, the stump, the leaves, etc but I just can’t seem to process a whole idea.

The only idea that I could use for my post is the idea how Volkswagen is keep innovating and keeps moving forward, but at the time, it was only an idea. I don’t know how to execute it. I don’t know what medium I want to use. I still don’t know because the idea is still very very vague.

As I was browsing and searching for ideas, my roommate helped me and we started discussing about the said idea. We decided that Volkswagen is always on the move. Volkswagen (or VW) might be two out of last letters the alphabet has, but it doesn’t mean it’s falling behind. It’s quite the contrary actually.

After several attempts, we came up with this.

Greg's Attempt VW ThingThe idea is appreciating Volkswagen’s innovativeness and it will always moving forward.

I also realized that the mind-mapping process or creating your train of thoughts do not necessarily have to be done solo, but can also be done with other people.

Colony House – Moving Forward

FIFTEEN: How’s about tellin a story.


Hey, you!
Yeah you!
The one reading this.

Did you know that cars love fruits?
They love watermelons and bananas.
They love really sweet apples and citrus-y oranges as well.

Why do they love fruits?
Maybe it’s the smell.
Maybe it’s the freshness.
Maybe it’s a secret they won’t tell us?!

Either way, if you want to make friends with cars, fruits are the key.
Hey car, why do you guys love fruits so much?
As much as cars love fruits, they HATE olives even more.
They hate dry olives and salty olives.
They hate black olives and green olives.
If the fruit tastes like olives at all, cars will be very upset.

Why do cars hate olives?
Well, just one olive makes a car’s face turn sour.
Just one single speck of olive makes a car snort black smoke.
Olive gives cars the tummy troubles, and when cars get the tummy troubles – oh boy…

If you want to prepare fruits for cars, make sure it’s not olives.
these are all great fruits for cars.

Hey car, how do you feel about olives?

Devendra Banhart – How’s About Tellin A Story

FOURTEEN: Open letter.


One day, my friend Adam told me the most bizarre story.

Poor guy just wants to go to that taco place. But when he gets to his car, he finds a letter – signed from Juice, his Beetle.

Letter from Juice

Juice reveals the most personal things that I didn’t even know about Adam! I didn’t know he likes Katy Perry?! And I totally knew that wasn’t a rotten broccoli smell! And that he likes to drive aimlessly at night? Well… This explains a lot.

Porcelain Raft – Open Letter

THIRTEEN: Do you believe in magic.


I just bought this awesome book called “Creative Unblock” by Danielle Krysa. One of the advice given was “Draw something on a piece of paper. Stare at it. Trash it. Draw it again on another piece of paper. Stare at it. Trash it. Repeat. Once you feel you’re done, uncrumple all the pieces of paper and line them up in order.”

I did just that. And this is the result.


I am trying to exaggerate how “innovative” Volkswagen can be.
In one kid’s imagination, everything is possible and free but as we get older, everything is more concrete and conventional. So keep that imagination alive, kids.

The Lovin’ Spoonful – Do You Believe In Magic