FIFTEEN: How’s about tellin a story.


Hey, you!
Yeah you!
The one reading this.

Did you know that cars love fruits?
They love watermelons and bananas.
They love really sweet apples and citrus-y oranges as well.

Why do they love fruits?
Maybe it’s the smell.
Maybe it’s the freshness.
Maybe it’s a secret they won’t tell us?!

Either way, if you want to make friends with cars, fruits are the key.
Hey car, why do you guys love fruits so much?
As much as cars love fruits, they HATE olives even more.
They hate dry olives and salty olives.
They hate black olives and green olives.
If the fruit tastes like olives at all, cars will be very upset.

Why do cars hate olives?
Well, just one olive makes a car’s face turn sour.
Just one single speck of olive makes a car snort black smoke.
Olive gives cars the tummy troubles, and when cars get the tummy troubles – oh boy…

If you want to prepare fruits for cars, make sure it’s not olives.
these are all great fruits for cars.

Hey car, how do you feel about olives?

Devendra Banhart – How’s About Tellin A Story


One thought on “FIFTEEN: How’s about tellin a story.

  1. I like the post it was entertaining. I think you were trying to connect to Volkswagen’s everday motoring pleasure by letting us know what cars like and don’t like. I think some people may question whether or not it was 45 minutes of work. I have the same problem with some of my posts, it helps to have a brief explanation before or after letting us know your inspiration and process.


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