SIXTEEN: Moving forward.


This week’s directive was mind mapping. I’ve been trying to put together my train of thoughts, the branch, the stump, the leaves, etc but I just can’t seem to process a whole idea.

The only idea that I could use for my post is the idea how Volkswagen is keep innovating and keeps moving forward, but at the time, it was only an idea. I don’t know how to execute it. I don’t know what medium I want to use. I still don’t know because the idea is still very very vague.

As I was browsing and searching for ideas, my roommate helped me and we started discussing about the said idea. We decided that Volkswagen is always on the move. Volkswagen (or VW) might be two out of last letters the alphabet has, but it doesn’t mean it’s falling behind. It’s quite the contrary actually.

After several attempts, we came up with this.

Greg's Attempt VW ThingThe idea is appreciating Volkswagen’s innovativeness and it will always moving forward.

I also realized that the mind-mapping process or creating your train of thoughts do not necessarily have to be done solo, but can also be done with other people.

Colony House – Moving Forward


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