NINETEEN: I won’t let you down.


One of the things that I really like from Volkswagen is they never try to sell you their cars. They have a very warm approach; kind of like a friend, who’s there to support you. Like a friend who will provide you with whatever you need but never aggressive. He’s like that one best friend who makes you smile and will cheer you up whenever you’re feeling down.

Unlike Ferrari or Lamborghini who know exactly their value and take pride of it, Volkswagen is definitely aware of their high value, but instead being prideful, they are being humble – yet assertive – relating to ordinary people.

This is the same feeling I get whenever I see OK Go’s music video. It makes your heart warm simply by showing their genuinity and passion.

They evolved from this…

The band, also known for their innovative music videos was formed in 1998 and still producing music in 2014 (so you can say they have some kind of historical significance or another form of worth that is expected to last well into the future, a.k.a enduring value.) The fact that their music and video is enjoyable is something else that is noteworthy.

…to this….

The vocalist, Damian Kulash said that the band had not produced the YouTube videos as part of any overt “Machiavellian” marketing campaign.

…to their latest music video here.

“In neither case did we think, ‘A-ha, this will get people to buy our records.’ It has always been our position that the reason you wind up in a rock band is you want to make stuff. You want to do creative things for a living.” (Just like my view on Volskwagen!)

This is another exploration of my mind-mapping branch. In one of the branches, I write how Volkswagen is ‘lustrous’. Here, the word ‘lustrous’ could be defined literally as in literal shine or metaphorically as how the brand (or the band) shines with positivity.

P.S. These videos sparked some wild ideas for my (possible future) posts. I am not promising anything like these, but I would definitely apply their art and creative to this project!

OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down


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