TWENTY: This just in.


Yesterday, a super car made a mysterious appearance and bemused VCU community. The car was sighted during Halloween weekend to accommodate VCU students who had been drinking too much.

“I was actually surprised to see the SuperCar. I thought my brain was playing tricks on me. You know, since I was drunk and high at the same time. But thank God for the SuperCar, cause otherwise I wouldn’t know how to get home,” said junior Leo Chingkwake.

The super car, a bright green Volkswagen Type 2, also reportedly provides bedding, curtained windows, a fireplace beside each bed, and one swipe of Dining Dollars that will buy a giant cup of S’mores hot chocolate. The mysterious appearance of the car definitely benefited everyone.

“I thought I was going crazy,” said RamSafe driver, Steven Hyde. “I heard a big green car had accommodated students and I know it wasn’t me nor the other RamSafe drivers because we didn’t receive any requests at all. Is this the real life?”

“I don’t give a dagnabbit about the farging car. I didn’t have to do anything all flippin night! Merry friggin Christmas to me!” said Red Forman excitingly.

The ‘SuperCar’ (a nickname given by students) had disappeared just as the clock struck six AM. Many students hoped the car will make a comeback and stay indefinitely.

“I’m pretty sure I saw my future husband there. Even though he looked very confused,” said sophomore Donna Pinciotti.

“Yo, the S’more Hot Chocolate was the bomb. It was the best I’ve ever had!” said Chingkwake’s friend, Michael Kelso.


Editor’s note: Some of the responses had been modified to make it G-rated.

Gilad Hekselman – This Just In


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