TWENTY THREE: Graphic narrative.


Okay, I know that I suck at poetry but I’m just gonna give it a go.

Zauberklopfen (Magical knock)

My mommy told me about this car
It’s a very big car
And very special
There’s only one in the whole wide world
Who knows where is she hiding?
Is it in Alaska? Or Sahara?

But if you see one
Make sure you knock it
Your world will turn upside-down
You can see yourself transforming
Like magic
And you can see underwater
And in the dark!

Purple is now yellow, yellow is now blue
Animals can talk and my dog just says hello
Everything looks like a giant marshmallow
And you can’t stop laughing, giggling, and chuckling

Everyone is having so much fun
And once you are done laughing, giggling, and chuckling
You will turn into a magical car too

It’s very funny to be a car
You will have four doors
And you can run really fast
And you can never be wet

Let’s play together!
We can be the bestest friends
A group of funny magical cars
Running really fast
How many doors will you have?
Together, we will have so many doors
The biggest group of friends the world has ever seen
Running and laughing and giggling and chuckling…

Rick Barry – Graphic Narrative


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