TWENTY TWO: Everyone’s got something.


I just read an article about building a car. It turns out there are more than 3000 people and several hundreds of robots (SUPER COOL) working together to build a single car. From the factory right to your front door (right after you purchase it of course.)

Among that 3000 people, there are workers, laborer, engineers, scientist, physicist, chemist, designer, mathmagician (because they perform magical numbers), salesman, driver, and many, many more. Teams of workers and robots cut, mold, shape, weld, sand, wipe, paint, attach, move, wire, polish, and inspect the cars at various stages of the process.

But sadly, we will never know their story. Their hard work of handwork to build a magnificent machinery will never be known to public.
Now how about we imagine their story in order to appreciate their hard work?

  • A secretary who is in love with the auto parts delivery guy and has been imagining their future together.
  • The factory manager who is in love with his secretary despite the knowledge that his love will forever be one-sided.
  • A guy who cuts metal who wants to be best friends with the guy who designs the car but their rank level is too high so he feels intimidated and scared even though he’s a really great guy.
  • A girl who really likes to paint the car and gets really excited whenever she paints the car pink because it reminds her of her baby girl who really likes the color pink.
  • A guy who just wants to sell cars but his parents force him to be an engineer instead.
  • An inspector dad who excels at his job – to ensure the quality of safety and to detect any faulty because he lost his son in a car crash doesn’t want other people to suffer the same experience.
  • The scientist who develops an emotional attachment with Zoë, a robot who’s gonna test drive the car. What will happen to Zoë?
  • A brilliant car designer dude who wants to one-up himself and gets disappointed when he couldn’t invent something cool even though everything he has invented got praised from the corporate.
  • A car designer dudette who feels sad whenever she sees her friend blames himself for his lack of creativity. She just wants him to accept himself and be happy.
  • An intellectual (and slightly mad) scientist who’s capable to add flamethrower and jet wing but has to settle with “conventional innovation” because it’s not the time yet.
  • A young and ambitious intern who just can’t wait to actually work for the company and make her parents really proud.
  • The guy who handles power system and thinks he’s a dragon whenever he’s working on internal combustion engine.
  • An environmentalist who gets really excited because the production of electric car is rising thanks to her propaganda. Which is actually a good thing.
  • The guy who gets confused whenever the workers say words like “alternator” and “radiator” because he doesn’t really know the name of it but secretly he’s a technopath prodigy.
  • A guy whose job is to shape the chassis of the car and just can’t wait to shape a futuristic car. “I’ll wait for 100 years if necessary,” he said.
  • A driver whose job is to deliver brand new cars to car dealership and feels his job is very important. You go boy!
  • A sales guy who’s fascinated by the design of the cars because he’s so into design and engineering.
  • Another sales guy who’s fascinated by Volkswagen Beetle’s design because it reminds him of his dad and now he’s saving money to buy the newest Beetle to feel connected with his late dad.
  • A janitor who works at the car dealership but is secretly Michael Horn, the CEO of Volkswagen. He’s there to secretly inspect his company and workers.
  • A mom who gets a Volkswagen because she wants his son to learn how to drive the car because it’s actually his birthday present.

Exaggeration? Maybe Definitely. But think about it, have you ever thought about the process of building a car from zero to the actual car you can drive and have it delivered to your front door (again, right after your purchase it)? Have you ever thought about all the people involved? For them, innovative design, enduring value and everyday motoring pleasure aren’t merely words but it’s their reality.

“Everyone’s got something
Something no one else can do 
Something no one else can see”

Perrin Lamb – Everyone’s Got Something


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