THIRTY: Five senses (everything will change).


Aside from Netflix, I would go to TEDTalks to find an inspiration to motivate myself. I found this one that I think really cool. Designer Jinsop Lee shares his theory of 5-sense design, with a handy graph and a few examples. His hope is to inspire you to notice great multi-sensory experiences.

I think the reason why numerous past brand experiences were so successful because they connect to all of the five human senses (or sensors) at an extreme level, making the people more involved.

Now, in order for people to truly experience the pleasure of driving Volkswagen they have to hit all five senses:

Sight – People see the car physically. That’s why the factor if innovative design is important for Volkswagen.

Hearing – Like the discussion we had in class, the sound of car starting actually satisfies people. It is an assurance that the car is actually working properly. Also, the enduring value can play a part here as people usually hate the sound of aggravating noise from their car.

Smell – This one is a little bit tricky but people desire the smell of a “new car,” implying that this smell is associated with the feeling of a cleanliness and freshness.

Touch – Everyday motoring pleasure is a huge factor here. Volkswagen have to make the car very comfortable and pleasurable in order for people satisfy their touch sense.

There is no other extreme experience than driving a car, because you would touch, see, hear and smell (this leaves the taste sensor but who would want to lick a car just for the sake of hitting all five senses? Definitely not I.)

The Wild – Five Senses (Everything Will Change)


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