I was watching Mulan the other day. The scene where the Huns attack the Chinese army at the mountains really intrigued me and made me realize how little I know of Mongolians and their culture.

What if Volkswagen was made by the Mongols?

So this post is my adventure and exploration of the big “what if?” (with the help of my Mongolian friend, Nami!)

  • It won’t be called Volkswagen but instead it would be called Khumuusiin, which means “people’s car”
  • Hardiness. Due to Mongolia’s harsh climate, their people need something that is built specifically to their environment.
  • On top of that, the seat warmer would be an important factor for them.
  • It would be big. Humongous. GIANT. Average Mongolians family have 3 kids, so they need a well-built, big, family car.
  • Introducing Khumuusiin as a luxury car would be a great idea because the rich have the tendencies to show off.
  • Mongolians LOVE car covers, inside and out. Khumuusiin would introduce a custom built interior to accommodate their love of car covers.

Essentially, Volkswagen value of innovative design, enduring value and everyday motoring pleasure can still be applied in this scenario because those are the three most important aspects in car production.

Genghis Khan approves the production of Khumuusiin

Bombay Bicycle Club – What If


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