THIRTY SIX: Verbatim.


My co-worker recently told me he got a new car. He started telling me about all of his car problems for the past three years even though he bought his car new in 2011. Meanwhile, my mind started to wander off and began to think of a possible new post (sorry, Ray!)

This image is inspired by Ray’s story. It’s some kind of a collage of different Volkswagen Passat from different years. I’m trying to say that over the years, the Passat is still going strong. No matter when you buy the car or what year, it still has that enduring value. I added Ray’s quote, “My dad said, wait until your car breaks down. Guess what?” to emphasize my point, (of course he meant that his car broke down almost immediately after he bought it), but here I made it under to make it seems it’s impossible to have your Volkswagen break down.


Another quote of Ray (taken out of context, he was talking about different kinds of pasta.) This one is my effort to underline the innovative design of Volkswagen, Beetle to be precise because beauty does come in all shapes and sizes. You go, girl!


Mother Mother – Verbatim


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