THIRTY EIGHT: That’s what she said.


In class, we were discussing about our ‘Creative Process’. Scott gave us an example of his morning process about how he brushes his dry teeth and further explained the process. The disruptive laughter that followed shows how much of an adult we are because obviously we take his descriptive words out of context. It’s like playing the good ol’ “That’s What She Said” but with an advertising twist to it.

I wanted to know what if Volkswagen use the Sensualist archetype approach and really embrace their everyday motoring pleasure aspect.
I’ve had this idea for awhile now, but I just think it’s not good enough or solid enough or whatever. So I just beat my monkey and tell him to shut up. Besides, we need a good laugh every now and then, right?

Golf Touareg Passat DB2011AU00915

I could’ve photoshopped a sexy model along with the car or something, but I don’t think Volkswagen would’ve done that. Their Sensualist archetype still has class and elegancy, which leaves a little bit of imagination to the viewer instead of baring it all.

Here Comes the Mummies – That’s What She Said


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