FORTY ONE: Extraordinary.


I remember when I was a kid I used to watch this show called Art Attack. It’s a show where the presenter would demonstrate the audience how to make art using everyday objects. I really think the idea of this show is very innovative and it helps to ignite creativity for kids.

I then asked my mom if I ever made anything creative.

She sent me these.

IMG_1133 IMG_5689 IMG_8743

The story behind this was the fact that my mom collects everything Coca-Cola. The can and/or bottle from around the world, souvenirs that have Coca-Cola logo on it, vintage Coca-Cola advertisements, etc. I realized that and decided to make her this mini box/case for her to put stuff in.

I think I still remember how to make this:

  • cut a cereal box in half
  • wrap it with aluminum foil and stick them together with a glue
  • layer it with the Coca-Cola wrapper
  • done

I guess the idea of this post is connecting my childhood’s inventive creativity and Volkswagen’s aspect of innovative design. This made me realize that I’ve practiced my creative side since I was a kid. It might not be the greatest thing in the world, but for a 8 year old, I think that’s pretty impressive. Innovative, maybe?

My mom was so touched by the gesture and still keeps it until this very day. You might have noticed the Coca-Cola wrapper seems a little bit different, it’s because it’s a wrapper from Indonesia. People might think it’s crappy or really ordinary, but for her, it’s exceptionally extraordinary.

Nizlopi – Extraordinary


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