FORTY TWO: Modern art.


Saturday night, I met up with someone who was going to sell a textbook that I need for next semester. I saw a couple of pages of it was ripped and I protested. He said, “but you can still see the content of it!” Now like a nerd I am, his response gave me an idea for a post.

The idea of behind this post is to highlight the sleek and innovative design of Volkswagen. Their design is so remarkable that you would notice it in a heartbeat.

Ripped Paper Beetle II

In a way, this could follow the simplicity directive. I made the ripped paper effect to emphasize even though you can’t see the whole car, you would DEFINITELY know this is a Volkswagen car (“you can still see the content of it!”)

Ripped Paper Kombi

There are many other Volkswagen cars that I could use, instead the overused Beetle and Type II, but I think these two cars are truly iconic and legendary. Therefore, they are the epitome of Volkswagen’s innovative design.

P.S. In case you were wondering, I did buy the textbook from that person. Spring 2015, I am (somewhat) ready for you!

Black Lips – Modern Art


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