FORTY: Normal.


The idea of this post came while I was at work. I had this one customer who absolutely hates whipped cream. My immediate reaction was, “WHAT?! YOU’RE NOT NORMAL!” but then I realized I might have overreacted a little bit. So this is an exploration of people’s different opinion and description of being ‘normal’.

‘Normal’. We all are very familiar with this word. For our entire lives, we were told to be normal. To behave normal. To dress normal. To act normal. For what? To be ordinary? To conform with society?

Primarily, people have a general idea of ‘normal’ but your definition of ‘normal’ might be different than other’s. Now what is the definition of ‘normal’?

‘Normal’ for you could be waking up exactly at 8:15 AM every single day, eating your Frosted Flakes cereal with Vanilla Almond Milk, making a cup of coffee to fill your coffee tumbler that you got from that hotel you went to last winter with Aunt Lucy.

‘Normal’ for another person might include staying up until 3 AM for a class that requires endless amount of creativity (*cough*), drinking coffee at midnight, having to commute 20 minutes every day with his car (which he can only unlock from the passenger door because the door handle is broken).

Now I’m done emphasizing how every one of us have our own definition of ‘normal’. The connection of the normal idea and Volkswagen brand is the concept of how much you accept your normal reality.

Normal routine is a habitual event that you are comfortable with and find pleasure from it. You can keep doing it and repeat until the end of the world (exaggeration!), but why settle for less if you can get more? Why settle for second when first is available?

Why settle for Frosted Flakes if you can eat Froot Loops?

Why settle for random coffee tumbler if you can get it from Starbucks?

Why settle for a messed-up car if you can drive the innovative master, Volkswagen?

It’s all about perspective.

Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band – Normal


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