THIRTY NINE: Playground.


The other day, my friend Cameron said something about how our phone case could show our personality. The current phone case I use is this one:

IMG_3760It’s a LEGO phone case and it’s designed with an official LEGO Base Plate, so I can go crazy customizing it with an actual LEGO bricks. I bought it probably last Black Friday, in hopes of being able to play with my old LEGO, but time has passed and sadly, I’ve never used it to its full potential.

So, this is another exploration of my creative process and it turns out playing with LEGO can make you more creative!

I started out with this:


And I made this alien-esque green sea creature with his shrine (don’t worry kids, he’s really nice!):


The highly obnoxious hero who defends the human race with his modified jet ski:



The boyband wanna-be who protects the Southern Land of Volkswagnia:


And lastly, a NASA engineer who goes to space and interacts with aliens on his day off just because:


Together, they protect and serve the people of Volkswagnia!



The idea behind this post is how LEGO is a very creative, imaginative, and innovative tool, much like Volkswagen.

When I was a kid, I used to play with LEGO all the time. I love the fact that LEGO could be used as a tool to materialize kids’ imagination. It doesn’t have to make sense, because it could be whatever you want it to be.

On top of that, with the emerging digital entertainment nowadays, the number of kids playing with an actual LEGO is declining and that’s saddening. Kids need to realize that playing with the physical object, instead of digital is pleasurable.

Sia – Playground


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