FORTY EIGHT: Dear Wes Anderson, you should like this song.


Do me a favor please – before you go on, play this song so you can really feel the Anderson vibe. Trust me.

In case you didn’t know already, I am a big fan of Wes Anderson. You could probably see my crappy Wes Anderson-esque video diary from the previous post.

I made this intertitle of Anderson’s movies to get the feel of his quirky style.

Wes Anderson Intertitle

I can’t help but wonder, what would Wes Anderson do if he were the art director for Volkswagen? Volkswagen’s advertisement might look a bit like this.

WAGolf WAPassat WATiguan

I made this based on Anderson’s obsession of symmetrical objects and highly saturated and limited color palette.

The connection to the brand is Wes Anderson as a person. He is a person of innovation and tends to challenge conservative methods but also still makes it visually pleasing. His films probably appeal only to a very specific audience, but it doesn’t mean it’s poor.

Like Volkswagen, people initially rejected them because they challenged the trend at the time (with Beetle), but Volkswagen now is the top-selling and original marque of the Volkswagen Group, the biggest German automaker.

Uno Lady – Dear Wes Anderson, You Should Like This Song.


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