FORTY SIX: Postcards from Italy.


One thing about me is I am a big fan of the holidays and all about the festivities. The last three months of the year really excite me. First we have Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas and New Year!

So in order to make a festive post about the upcoming holiday (Christmas!) I have attempted to make a Christmas card with a little Volkswagen twist to it. Here’s the result:


Cutting the outline as the base.


Cutting another outline for the inside.


Hey you! 



Merry Christmas! (It’s supposed to be a pop up lol)


and Happy New Year!

So.. in connection to the brand, the holiday season gives me warmth, joy, and excitement. I channel these feelings to the brand’s emotion, which in overall will give me everyday pleasure.

Editor’s note: this song/video of Beirut also adds up to my joy and excitement while making this card and post. Enjoy!

Beirut – Postcards From Italy


One thought on “FORTY SIX: Postcards from Italy.

  1. Hey, Gee. I like this idea. I absolutely love X-mas cards (so if you want to get me anything for X-mas, there you go). The only critique that pops in my head would be using the VW logo, because the professors advised against it, BUT I didn’t even notice the logo until I looked over the pictures a second time. Others might catch it easier, but not me. Perhaps Volkswagen could send out cards like these to their customers. Yeah, it would cost a lot, but you’ve got to spend money (a lot of money) to make money, right? Overall, good job, and I’ll see you at work whenever I work with you next.


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