This is kind of self-proclaimed, but I consider myself as a coffee connoisseur. I work at a coffee shop and I love my job. I think being a barista is very underrated and people often are very cynical of the said job. I love making coffees, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, and the variations of other caffeinated drinks. It’s another form of art. You get to be creative and all and all, it’s very crafty.

Anyway, I had to come to work the day after Thanksgiving break. Richmond was very quiet, so work was very slow. What can I do to kill my 7 hour shift?! Answer: work on Project 54.

So, I tried to make a latte art like this.

But I failed horribly and I realized I suck at it. So I stick to the basic, and made this instead:



I tried to be creative and combine all of the syrups and sauces. There are various aspects of this that I could connect to the brand. Like I said before, making latte is another form of art. You are expected to be creative of making a good combination of syrups, sauces, milk, and espresso, and by repetition you would improve your technique. You have to be resourceful and be aware of your surrounding (or what we call it: station. Hot and cold.) So in a way, it’s very innovative.

Another point that I should mention here is the value of the coffee/espresso. It’s something that gets people going and do stuff and do better stuff. Just like Volkswagen, it’s something that gets people going. (Thanks Corey for pointing out this aspect!)

Blur – Coffee & TV


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