FIFTY TWO: The information.


I was browsing for ideas for a post, when my friend who majors in Graphic Design at George Mason University, asked me if I could help her infographic project. I happily said yes because she’s one of the few people that share the same art style and perspective as mine. She would criticize my work and I would criticize hers. Back and forth, back and forth, since 2012.

She told me that most of infographic she’s seen around isn’t pretty enough to our “standards.” Then, she suggested a post to create an infographic about Volkswagen. Challenge accepted.


To be honest with you, making this infographic took me almost 5 hours. It was really hard to fit all of the information to a single page. I based the information and the visual style from these two images.


Definitely not as pretty nor informative as my sources but I tried. I really did. And I’m happy with my result because this is my first infographic attempt! So, yeah!

The connection to the brand (except the abundant information there) is the process and the outcome of infographics. I now truly appreciate Volkswagen’s effort to make every car as functional as possible, without forgetting the visual aspect of it because I now realize how difficult that task might be. Just like how I did the infographic, it is extremely laborious to fit all aspects into one pleasing design. #infographic #is #hella #difficult #yolo

Beck – The Information


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