Holy macaroni. Am I done? Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?

Photo on 12-4-14 at 8.57 PM #4
My awesome room. Sharkie says hi.

54 BLOG POSTS?! Heck before this project, I couldn’t even finish a page writing of my diary. Holy macaroni. Did I really just walk a miracle mile? My miracle mile?

For my very last post, the idea is to take the word “convergence” literally. The process or state of converging.

Photo on 12-4-14 at 9.34 PM
My usual corner, library third floor.

You might start to wonder by now, “what the heck is he doing in these pictures.”

Well, I am sharing my process of converging through this blog. The process of coming together. I am taking a picture of myself in every places where I’ve worked on this project. It’s showcasing my progress from post #1.

I still remember the day I got my first email ever from Scott about Curiousness. My initial reaction was “WTF?! What have I gotten myself into?!”

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 9.56.54 PM

But here I am 5 months later, writing my last entry for this project.

It’s been quite the journey. In a way, this entire project is like a Volkswagen. Meaning, through this project, I’ve pushed myself further than the usual. I’ve explored and learned many aspects of advertising, of creativity, of myself, of life. This project has challenged me to think outside of the box (or you might say, innovatively), given me the most absolute pleasure (and disgust), prepared me to think critically artistic and be curious – something that I can use my entire life.

Photo on 12-4-14 at 10.44 PM #3
Whitney and I’s usual spot. We usually stay until 3 or 4 in the morning.

Last but not least, I want to say thank you to my mom, Abbi Andriani, who’s always pushed myself to my non-existent limit. My new creative buddy, Whitney Downing, who’s given me access to Mac Lab (LOL) and motivated me throughout this project. My awesome professors, Scott Sherman and Gary Garbett and their (non)directive even though I hate it with a burning passion.

Shout out to my other creative friend, Corey Vaughn, my VCU buddy, Nami Khurelchuluun, my best friend, Drew Whitregan, and my roommates, Greg Golter, Chuck Myrick, and Wuddy Zhao.

Thank you guys!

Cold War Kids – Miracle Mile


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