FIFTY THREE: The calm.


I’ve been toying with this idea for a while because I realized I have made a lot of visual imagery, so this is my exploration and the challenge to totally push my idea.
To be completely honest with you, I am extremely musically challenged. I cannot read musical notes, I do not have “the ear”/super tone deaf, and I don’t have any musical knowledge whatsoever, so this post was quite a challenge.

This post is another collaboration and this time, I talked to my best friend and discussed how can we materialize this idea. We browsed for ideas and listened to different musical style, from mellow indie like Jonsí to musical theatre like Cole Porter. I decided that the song would be somewhat chill and calming.

So after several days (for real!), we came up with this!

The connection to the brand is the everyday pleasure. Just like music, the brand offers something pleasurable. Something that everyone will definitely enjoy. I purposefully picked this type of tune because Volkswagen, under the everyday motoring pleasure umbrella, could be described as something chill and calming. I also decided to split the track into four “acts”.

One represents the innovative design or the buildup of the tension.

Two represents the enduring value. Something that you have that’s been around since forever and you just appreciate it even more.

Three represents the everyday motoring pleasure aspect. Imagine you were driving home about midnight. You turned onto the freeway. It was raining and it was a bit chilly outside. You decided to open your windows a bit so you can feel the fresh air coming in. You turned your radio on and this song came on. How do you think you would feel?

Four represents convergence. The state of converging from one, two, and three all wrapped up into one brand: Volkswagen.

Of Mice & Men – The Calm


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