About me


Hi there! My name is Genaldri T. I was born in California, have lived in Indonesia, moved to Connecticut, and now Virginia. A few things you didn’t know about me:

  • I am a movie buff. I don’t just watch movies for entertainment, but I will always analyze the characters, the settings, the background history, and etc
  • I love to try new food. I feel like food is the window clearest window into culture. You can understand a large portion of a culture by trying their food.
  • I am loud, have an odd sense of humor and a little bit weird. (but I promise you, I am fun!)
  • I am NOT a hipster but for some reason, my friends keep saying that I am. I mean, I do have my own style and humor, so I guess that what makes me a hipster? I don’t know, you be the judge.
  • I read children’s book for fun. I feel like these kind of book is the kind that will stimulate your brain the most. By looking from children’s perspective, you can approach anything in the purest form.
  • I have a great memory. No seriously, like amazing. I could remember the most useless facts. I could remember your name and small detail about you in a heartbeat. I feel like it’s a bit creepy… but I can’t help it.

Now, if I were an author, my biography (for now) would read:

Genaldri is an Advertising student with a minor in World Cinema at Virginia Commonwealth University. Aside from working on Project 54 blog for Curiousness class, he usually spends his day on Netflix and BuzzFeed. He lives in Oregon Hill with his three roommates, in which he describes them as “an interestingly weird dynamic of people.” Iced coffee, indie music, and Converse shoes are among his favorite things.

This blog is the epitome of my abstract-ness. Enjoy!


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