FORTY NINE: Pure imagination.


When Scott asked the class what brand next Curiousness class should do, George, Corey and I started discussing what will be a good one. Somebody from the back of the class said ‘Twinkies’ and for the longest time we were trying to figure out the parent company of Twinkies. George asked if it was Post and Corey said no. I asked if it was Mrs. Freshley’s and George said no. We had no idea. So as a joke, we started saying random brands, like Nike or Samsung.

George ended up Googling it and it turned out to be Hostess (D’UH).

Anyway, I got the idea for this post: what if Volkswagen were made by a different company? Say…. Apple?

  • The car would probably be called iCar
  • It would have the sleekest design
  • Siri compatible
  • You would have to slide the door to unlock the car
  • Comes only in black/gray, silver, and gold
  • You could access your whole iTunes library
  • The starting price would be $199.000 but if you sign a contract for 5 years, you can upgrade your car for a cheaper price.
  • It would be steerless, but instead it would be touch screen
  • Your insurance for the iCar would be through AppleCare
  • You can bundle your AppleCare altogether with your iPhone, iPad, Macbook.
  • Just like all of Apple devices, it would be virus free. Meaning, it will be impossible to break into.
  • iCar will not have any windows (ha ha)
  • 100% electric and you can use any of your Apple devices charger

This is all pure imagination, but I imagine it’s what the future will look like. iCar will still have Volkswagen’s three aspects (innovative design, enduring value, and everyday motoring pleasure) because I think in a way, Apple value similar aspects.

AND look what I found! Just exactly what I had in mind.


Fiona Apple – Pure Imagination