50: Midnight city.


In class today, we were discussing about people’s story of pleasing experience while driving or as a passenger. Matt Allen came up to me and asked about my story. I told him the story of my 21st birthday (also the day I first experienced the everyday motoring pleasure value of a Volkswagen <— not a lie) I totally forgot about that night and I’m gonna share it with you now.

The day was September 18th, 2013. According to my birth certificate (and multiple texts from my mom), I was born exactly 21 years ago. It was a chilly Wednesday, but not cold enough that you had to wear a winter coat.

For some odd reason, I was feeling just okay that day. Not super ecstatic nor disappointed, just okay.

I went to my 9:30 AM class, it was a Mass Media Communications class. Nothing major happened but we had a great discussion of the rise of television and that was interesting. Then at 10:45 AM, I had ten minutes to run to my next class, which was Introduction to Marketing. My desk neighbor/my friend/my co-worker knew it was my birthday and she told the professor about it and the professor made the whole class sang Happy Birthday. It was nice but again, my mood that day was only okay so… It was okay.

After class, I came to work and worked from 1 to 8. People wished me happy birthday, but nothing else happened. Or at least that’s what I thought.

The clock was 8:01 PM. Right after I punched out from work and locked the store, somebody grabbed me and put a paper bag over my face. I panicked hella bad. I heard an indistinct conversation. I heard a loud bang. I heard some weird laughter. I heard all kinds of noises.

With my face still covered with what I assumed a Chipotle paper bag, I was being forced into a car. Then I heard one of my friend’s voice so I know it was just a prank – a really distasteful prank I might add. I sat there silently for only God knows how long because it felt like forever. Then the car stopped and they told me to get out of the car and escorted me like a criminal.

They finally removed the bag and the sudden exposure to light blinded me for a bit. When my eyes finally adjusted to the environment, I saw my friends and co-workers and family and everyone there! It was a surprise party for me! In Virginia Beach! Needless to say, I was really surprised.

The clock was 10:21 PM and people were still buying me drinks. I had all kinds of drinks – Four Horsemen, Buttery Nipple, Irish Car Bomb, Blowjob, Liquid Cocaine, Liquid Marijuana, and many, many more that I stopped caring asking the name of the drinks.

Ultimately, I was too drunk to drive so my friend made an arrangement with the restaurant manager and promised him that someone would pick up my car the morning after. My best friend, Anthony, then drove me home. I was perfectly fine and could remember the whole thing, but it seemed like I was experiencing the night not from my own body – I wasn’t floating but just barely out of myself.

The clock was 12:08 AM, just a little past midnight. Anthony asked if I had a good birthday and I definitely did but couldn’t say anything but “mmhmm.” I nodded as a sign I was listening and I was okay. He then turned the seat warmer on and I felt this warm sensation entering my body.

It seemed like the radio station wanted to wish me a happy birthday as well because when Anthony turned the radio on, I could hear the intro to Midnight City by M83. MY JAM. My absolute jam. Forever my jam.

I remember this “scene” (felt like a scene because I saw it not from my body) where we were driving through the city. I could see the city lights and M83 playing in the background. Mind you, I was still out of myself so the whole experience was very interesting – interestingly good. It was such an indescribable feeling. It’s like that moment when everything just falls into place.

It was perfect.

Also, did I tell you Anthony’s car was a silver Volkswagen Golf GTi?

M83 – Midnight City