FORTY FOUR: Pies and pastiche.


This is post is my exploration of borrowing design ideas from something else, or popularly known as “Pastiche”.


an artistic work in a style that imitates that of another work, artist, or period.
“the operetta is a pastiche of 18th century styles”

imitate the style of (an artist or work).
“Gauguin took himself to a Pacific island and pastiched the primitive art he found there” 

Now, as you may know one of my creative environments would be the library. It’s loud. It’s crowded. It’s a mess. But I like it there. I feel an emotional connection to the people there; a group of tired students relentlessly doing work. We’re all in this together.

Anyway, I see this poster all the time and the vintage element of it definitely caught my eyes.


I wanted to make something similar – a pastiche. So I ended up making a commemoration to celebrate the people behind Volkswagen; a group of tired people relentlessly doing work. 

Ferdinand Porsche

Ferdinand Porsche

Ferdinand Porsche was an automotive engineer and founder of the Porsche car company. In the early 1920s, he oversaw the development of the Mercedes compressor car, and later developed the first designs of the Volkswagen car with his son, Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche.

Ferdinand Piëch

Ferdinand Piëch

Ferdinand Karl Piëch is an Austrian business magnate, engineer and executive who is currently the chairman of the supervisory board of Volkswagen Group. In 1993, Piëch became the chairman and CEO of Volkswagen Group, which he is credited with turning into the large conglomerate it is today. Educated as an engineer, Piëch influenced the development of numerous significant cars including the Volkswagen New Beetle and Volkswagen Phaeton.

Martin Winterkorn

Martin Winterkorn

Martin Winterkorn is the Chairman of the Board of Management (CEO) of Volkswagen AG, the parent company of the Volkswagen Group. He was the head of “Group Quality Assurance,” General Manager of Volkswagen AG, VW Group Product Management, and Member of the Brand Board of Management for “Technical Development” for the Volkswagen brand. Winterkorn was instrumental in getting Volkswagen CEO Ferdinand Piëch to approve the production of the New Beetle.

The connection to Volkswagen brand here is quite abundant, since this is a commemoration of Volkswagen geniuses. The engineers pioneered the innovative design aspect of the brand, they made sure the enduring value element lingers with the brand, and prioritize the everyday motoring pleasure aspect.

P.S Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble!

Big Boss Man – Pies and Pastiche